Residential Projects

Building Regulations Part L - Update due in 2006 - the government is intending to increase requirements for building insulation levels substantially in 2006, which will increase build costs dramatically. An early application will overcome the need to include these additional costs............... "The Planning Supervisor is dead - long live the Co-ordinator", - the function of the planning Supervisor is radically changing in 2006. The name of the function will be altered to something like "Co-ordinator" and the requirement of the role will be significantly extended - call Niall Carter on 01225 330716 to discuss any planning supervision requirements you may have............... Carter Hughes Davies also provide an expert witness service - if you have a dispute with your builder, or are not happy with the service or structure you have received, and are not getting far with resolving the situation, an Expert Witness report could assist. Call Paul Davies on 01225 330716 to discuss how we may be able to help............... Accesss Auditing and Inclusive Design - The Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA), has forced a major change. Since 2004, the Act requires all service providers to have made "reasonable adjustments" to their providers to their premises, to make them accessible to everybody, regardless of any disability. This is not just restricted to people in wheelchairs or the infirm. Call us for advice............... The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996, is a common problem for both Developers and their neighbours. The Act is not simply limited to works proposed to a building on a boundary - it could apply to works up to 6m from your boundary. Whether you are a developer of an adjacent owner, who is concerned about works that are intended near your property, call us for advice on our Party Wall services...............




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